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Nyx Redesign


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Just some thoughts on redesigning Nyx. As of now, outside of solo play, she's limited to pretty much running into a group, pressing 3, and watching as the chaos ensues. Granted, the whole idea of making your enemies fight against each other is cool, but as it is right now, it's fairly one-dimensional. Here's what I propose to fix that:


1. Mind Control (25 energy) - Functions largely as it does already, with one major exception: Nyx can use this to affect multiple enemies (1/3/5/8). Furthermore, enemies affected by Mind Control are not hurt by allied AoEs.


2. Dominate: Attack (50 energy?) - Nyx marks a target with this ability. Mind Controlled enemies will begin to act hyper-aggressively, and attack whatever enemy Nyx has 'marked.' Once the marked target has died, the mark will move to the next closest (non mind controlled) enemy. Levelling this skill increases the duration and the amount of times the mark can transfer to a new enemy before it expires.


3. Dominate: Defend (50 energy?) - Nyx marks herself with this ability. While marked, Mind Controlled enemies will converge on her location, using their own bodies as shields to block enemy attacks. Using this skill while it is already active will remove the mark. Levelling up this ability increases its duration.


4. Psychic Shriek (100 energy) - The same effect as Chaos. In addition, any enemies currently under effect of Mind Control take very high damage (essentially their brains are overloading and blowing up Scanners style), and Mind Control is removed (assuming that the enemy is still alive after having their brains paint the wall).


Alternatively, enemies already under the effect of Mind Control attempt to kill themselves with their own weaponry/abilities. Would be more sadistic that way.


This skillset would give Nyx an excuse to use all of the skills in her toolbox (as opposed to only using two for solo play and one for team play), and would make her a more interesting and dynamic character to play.

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As someone who uses Nyx as his main I am gonna say no to these changes.


Mind Control works mostly fine as is. Making it an AoE would be fine but then I would move it to 50 energy. Making the mobs immune to allied AoE is not necessarily desirable.


As for ability number 2, the current Psychic Bolts i never use and could use a replacement or tweak. However, your dominate: attack is way too expensive for what it does at 50 energy. If there is a specific enemy that you need dead, just shoot it with a good gun. Not much lasts long against a well modded gun.


Dominate : defend could potentially hurt Nyx more than help as these meat shields would prevent her from shooting other enemies as well. The bodies would just soak up all her own shots.


Absorb doesn't need to be replaced it just needs a buff. Adding a taunt to it would probably be sufficient. Maybe increases its range.

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All they need to do is make it so if you mind control enmy and it has nothing to attack it will try to hurts itself,

Psychic bolt are fine

Chaos is fine maybe just reworking of its stats ect

Give absorption a lot of aggro and a large blast radius.

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I like the ideas since Nyx is pretty much useless besides chaos and mind contol since you can use it to hijack healers. Although i'm not to sure about your idea for the 4th power. Also I don't think you should be able to control a max of 8 with mind control, maybe around 3 at max.

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The only things that need to be changed with Nyx Psychic bolts and Chaos, and in very minor ways:

Psychic Bolts should hover over Nyx when cast (i.e. Homing Soulmass from Dark Souls) instead of immediatly flying forward, and seek targets when she aims at them, like normal. This eliminates any bolts from flying straight into the ground, as they sometimes do.

Chaos needs to have to radii: a small one that aggros all nearby enemies to attack, and a second one that returns all damage absorbed to each enemy in a larger radius.

That's how you fix Nyx.

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