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Reset Option, Put It Back Online.


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How long can it take to fix a Small Exploit to the reset system.

it takes like what 1-2 hours to make hotfix for something that is so small.


I think we should get something extra for resetting our accounts now.


You know what the problem is

You know how to fix this problem

You know how to apply this patch to the games like all other fast hotfixes.


Why u guys dont do the reset, i wait now since its off, i wanted to reset my account but its offline now.

and a ticket i sended 3 days ago also not answered,


or reset the account for me please, so i can play the game again.


Was just thinking of getting grandmaster, quess i will wait a little longer for it:(

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Impatient Players

It's Sunday on a holiday weekend.

The problem has already been addressed.

The fix is expected to go out tomorrow.

The reset isn't something DE is required to give you. It's a gift that you should be grateful for.

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ofc, spend plat on dojo than reset

its DE who putted it in. not us.


if you spend ur plat in dojo, so be it. its only like 1500 plat 1 time only.


maybe an small exploit, but it doenst harm anyone.


I rather do with 1500 plat is get tons of void keys for ur clanmembers and then reset. or so.

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