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Void Keys And Where To Find Them

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I assume now a good part of you will have found those keys and visited the Orokin Towers.

I visited the Void twice now, but just because I was invited. I never had a key for now, and can't seem to drop any.


My guess is Keys only come from Logins, Alerts, and Defenses.

If you could tell me your experience, and eventually confirm or refute my guess, I'd appreciate it.


Oh, and there's no need to tell where exactly you found them (but if you want, still welcome, any input is okay)... unless you think that certain locations have a better chance of dropping keys, such as one mate of mine telling me that Valefor was the place to go. And it was... it offered me the Banshee Systems TWICE, waves 5 and 10. Too bad I was looking for the key!

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On top of the login rewards and endless defense missions, they're supposed to come from any mission that gives a bonus reward, like Banshee blueprints do. Some people have said they got keys from Spy and Raid missions, and if the latter is true, then Capture missions should be a viable place too.

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