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Dojo Bug, No Bug Section For The Dojo So I'll Post It Here.


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It's a annoying bug that's been stopping our progression. We've accidently built a Elbow Connector then a clan member Queued destruction then another member un-queued destruction. That's when the bug started.

The elbow connector was connected to a Cross connector. It wasn't queued for destruction but it got queued and un-queued. Now it asks if we want to un-queue it but when we un-queue it, it says that another member already un-queued the destruction of the room.

And the queue destruction panel in the elbow connector doesn't work.

May I also suggest a Dojo Bug forum?

Thank you for your time :)

TL:DR: Elbow Connector panel doesn't activate, Cross connector close to it is queued for destruction but when we un-queue, it says it's already been un-queued by another member.

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