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Daily Login- I Dont Want To Wait Until 10:30 Again...



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Just log in the same time each day...

What would happen if I did that ^:

one day, I get on my computer, its 7:00 pm. I login, i get the reward. The next day, woops, I wasn't on time, i logged in at 7:00:56. The next day, I login at exactly 7:00 but I dont receive my reward. I logout and back in, and suddenly I miss it again, 7:01:10.

I had a party night with my friends, I get home at 7:30. I do my hw but remember to login, its 7:45.

Im not going to write out anymore b/c I think my point is clear: I can't login at the same exact time everyday.

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Your reward restart isn't based on when you've logged in but on server new day time (or something).

So for me it's restart at 2.00 (GMT+2) at night. So I could log in at 1.55 to claim 1 reward, log out and log in at 2.05 to claim another (in thoery anyway)


or at least this is how it works for me.


Maybe it restarts at 7.00 for you

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First world problems... Hahah.

If its that big of a problem for you, you can always not participate in it.

I dont get whats so bad about it? Your never going to miss it eventually youll just wanna do a quick log in, in the morning instead of at night when you play. This like this shouldnt be tailored so every single person can get it.

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