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[Suggestion] New Mods, Sentinel Ai


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Alright, it being that time again, I've a few more suggestions for new Mods, as well as an idea for Sentinel AI in relation to Mods.

New Warframe Mods:

- Thief's Eye - increases chance of enemies dropping materials, mods, and items.

New Weapon Mods:

- Poison/Acid for all weapons. Electrical, Fire, Ice, and AP damage is already covered on all weapon types. The only one not covered, especially as revealed by the Saryn's introduction, would be to do damage over time.

Sentinel AI:

- Allow a user to choose what AI a Sentinel uses, by combining Warrior & Swift Deth into Warrior, which would make any Sentinel it's equipped with automatically attack the first enemy in range.

- Change Revenge into being available for all Sentinels, giving them a more reactive attack against enemies.

- In return for stealing one of the DethCube's main abilities, change Swift Deth to instead fire a targeting laser at a target, increasing the overall damage it receives for a short time.

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