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Dojo Architecture Question...


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I am currently working on a dojo planing program for Windows, and I was wondering what the relative size of all of the rooms since some rooms can not be placed next to each other. (Example: a great hall to the south of a cross connector will make it so you can not put a dueling room on the east or west of the cross connector.)

Here are the sizes as I see them at the moment: where the length of a Small Hallway = 1 And width of Small Hallway = 1.5


Cross Connector: (2.5,2.5)

Elbow Connector: (1.5,1.5)

Small Hallway: (1,0.5)

T-Shaped Connector: (1.5, 2.5)

Great Hall: (4.5,3)

Dueling Room: (4.5 ,3)

Reactor: (2,1)

Elevator: (1,0.5)

Oracle/Labs: (2,2) ?

If you have any suggestions, or experience where a room will not fit, let me know.

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