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Interactive Dps Spreadsheet For Primary Weapons With Mods


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Edit: added secondary weapons too. Noticed that I have to separate shotguns and rifles though as they don't use the same mods.


Original post over here on reddit:




This lets you see the DPS of primary weapons based on what mods you are using, which is something that the other DPS spreadsheets don't do at the moment, so I thought it would be fun to see.


For reference, the other ones are here:




1. File > Make a copy. You now have an unlocked version of the spreadsheet that you can fiddle with.
2. Enter values for mods in the green boxes. The numbers listed to the left of them is the highest value they go to. Make sure you only pick up to 8 mods since that's all you can use in game!
3. Look at the DPS column and enjoy.
Note that this just serves as a guide. Of course factors such as accuracy, armor ignore on boltor and paris and piercing type damage on the snipetron weigh into things. Ammo efficiency is something for you to decide on as well because even if the grakata does more damage per second than most guns with crit mods it uses a lot more ammo to do so.
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