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Kunai Keeps On Reloading


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Title says it all. 

My Other Sidearms does not behave like the recent Edgy Secondary.


It keeps on Reloading...reloading...and Reload and over a couple of hundreds of reloading. Viola! You will have a set.

But once it runs out. The Jigsaw game plays again.


Please fix the Kunai. 


Note: Kunai might par with Paris' Damage but it does not have any Crtical Hit Rate at all. Edgy but a bit vague. Lato Vandal is better

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there is a bug where if you reload while you sprint it will do that.

stop the reload by rolling or something then reload normally. lag is what triggers this. so long as you are not sprinting it should work.

it only happens for super fast reload times. if you have your kunai modded for reload just take it off. its fast enough really.

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I don't have any mods on the kunai for reloading faster (not even for shooting faster or stuff like that) and it happens to me too.

I don't think it should be this way (even if you can reload while you're not sprinting...)

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