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MAG - Upgraded Power Functions and New Names


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Powers have a chance to be upgraded. Each can be taken two or three times. This is how I think it should go.


Pull 1- Target Pulled towards You. (can also pull friends)

Pull 2 - After target is pulled he will be suspended in the air (same effect of rihno stupm - but only a single target)

Pull 3 - Increases the duraion of the skill. (if player doesnt have Pull 2 then the Stun duration is increased, if they have Pull 2 then suspention time is increased)


Shield Polarize 1 - Recover/Damage 100 Shield.

Shield Polarize 2 - Recover/Damage 200 Shield.

Shield Polarize 3 - Hostile Target Shield will now cause a magnetic explotion which will result in draining nearby enemiy shields. Friendly targets will have the opposite effect.

MAGNETIZE (change the name to this instead of Bullet Attractor)

Magnetize 1 - Target Surrounded by a sphere, and all bullets are directed at him.

Magnetize 2 - Radius is increased to 3 Meters.

Magnetize 3 - Everyone in a 6 meter radius will now be pulled to the target. But only Grinner and Corpus, since they have more metalic objects with them than the infected.

CRUSH (If target dies, Add gore effect, when they are Crushed they are also dismembered)

Crush 1 - Affects Everyone in a 2 Meter Radius. (Survivers take immense damage)

Crush 2 - Radius Increased to 3 Meters.

Crush 3 - Everyone in a 6 Meter radius (from 3 to 6) will be knocked back from crushing imact. If Crush 2 is not selected the the radius is from 2 to 4.

What do you think?

Edit: added the third level as well.

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I agree with you, I was actually on my way of finishing my MAG review when I came across this. MAG seems to be very.. Well, Weak to be blunt.

But just with this in general, I think all WARFRAMES should be able to be upgraded.

Trinity would get Better Healing Stages, or the Radius would be Farther, EXCALIBER would Lunge for a farther distance or jump higher or even a double jump.

But that's just my two copper for you.

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