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Suggestions To The Devs


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Love the game but have some thoughts I would like to see addressed. DPS target meter in dojo is needed. Should be a giant target that has two damage monitors; a peak DPS and a sub stained DPS meter. This would be nice to see which of my weapons are hitting for the most damage. Its also something I would build for a dojo.

2nd let me shoot those dam hook slingers or be able to cut the cord they make me helpless and that is not fun.

3rd I suggest if trade is added make all trade transactions cost 1 platinum from both parties and platinum nontransferable. This should prevent abuse of multi account cheating.

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The Dojo dueling was for fun added in the clan's area. This isn't taken seriously and therefore shouldn't have so many mechanics. Let them focus on fixing their broken alert system. Then the dueling can come after.

It's a new enemy and the updates been out three days, I'm sure that's their intention.


Why would I use platinum to trade? That sounds extremely P2W. And what do we trade? Be more specific? Warframes? Mods? Weapons?


Overall, these recommendations are not great in comparison to what is really needed, such as a rework of gameplay, a fix of voidkeys, a drop rate of mods/ parts, and other important things.

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