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Hotfix 17.4.1

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well i am not surprised that newer bugs got fixed and not old ones. 


Still No Fix For
*Banshee's Silence makes enemies target sentinel aggressively, destroying it easily
*Enemies standing up in vortex, in some cases long enough for them to fire their weapon
*Syndicate effects that boost shield taking away the effects of cold hazard tilesets (instead of having halved shields, when it procs you will have full shields for the rest of the mission)
*Carrier will hover pickups in your face even if you don't need them: occurs more often with nova prime and loki prime. This includes energy orbs, and you will permanently hear the energy pickup sound until you use a power to use the energy in your face. 
*Repost Before 120 Secs In Trading, Timer Resets To 120 Secs
*Headshot kill sounds not playing for clients (bug since game hit open beta :D!)
*Banshee's Silence prevents Maggots from latching onto the player 
*Game refuses to let the player use a mod that is on their sentinel, even if the mod is not currently being used on their current sentinel weapon config. (it will claim both mods are being used by your sentinel at the same time which is impossible)
*Clicking "copy warframe" colors bugged on weapons, will default to weapon color defaults instead of warframe colors https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/524527-severe-color-exploit-bug-along-with-default-colors-issue/
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