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What The Mod System Needs: Another Overhaul


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As it stands, the way me and my friends use the mod system is this:

Level Tower level 3 Voids, we have our maxed rank rhino for instance. Now we need to swap to our maxed rank ember for whatever reason.

We take the flow, vitality and shield mods off our rhino and put it into our ember. 

Then we need to swap from Gorgon to Latron. So we take our max ranks serration mod off our Gorgon and put it into our Latron. 

We spend about 3 minutes before every mission respeccing stuff in and out of different things because the mod system is universal and leaves no reason to have duplicates of mods instead of 1 uber version of a mod that you can switch between weapons. What I propose:

Instead of making it so mods lock into a weapon once installed (thats ludicrous dont even consider it!) I suggest mods become universal.

Meaning across all secondary weapon platforms, you can install the same mod in every one of your weapons, capacity allowing. This would save many the time of mundanely swapping them between weapons, which is still a clunky system at best. 


Please add your own opinion on this !

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I'm pretty sure this was suggested numerous times (as was a "loadout" system which I heard was briefly implemented but then immediately removed for some reason).


The one problem with allowing mods to be equipped on multiple items is that sentinel weapons currently use either rifle or pistol mods, so you can have 2 rifles or 2 pistols equipped at any one time - which complicates things greatly.


I don't recall any dev response to these issues in livestream QAs and such though :/

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