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Rng Influenced By Gameplay, A Proposition.


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We all know that Warframe's horizontal and vertical progression are heavily rely on RNG. In order to get new frame, RNG from boss drop. In order to get certain weapons, RNG from alert or Stalker. In order to get to the void mission, void key RNG.

While RNG is an easy way to do it, when there is more content packed into it with tiered system - it will be considerably harder to acquire what you want from it and there is no sense of control. Essentially you're playing lottery and hope that one day it'll be in your favor. People like to be in control of how things revolve around them, we all do.

My proposal : Let the player rig RNG through gameplay.

There is one big benefit for both DE and players with this proposal: creating a sense of the game being fair to player while retaining RNG element in order to keep thing interesting and profit flowing for DE.

In order to create a sense of control, players must feel that they can 'cheat/beat' the RNG by themselves. Giving an active role to themselves and feel less helpless about the RNG. How to do it is simple: playing the game in a specific way gives a better chance of dropping specific things. 'Things' can be rare mod, void key, or even a chance of having artifact mission pop up for a specific time for one player (not triggering global alert).

I will use Mercury as an example for mission sequence.

When a new player join the game, his progression is linear - from Termins toward Tolstoj. Each success mission will increase the chance of Vor dropping higher tier mod to a certain limit (which in this case, 90-100% similar to Cronus BP). At the end of the Tolstoj mission, new player get new sword and a new rare mod for him to use.

Other drops can also benefit from this proposal. If the game allows player to choose what they want as a reward from sequence of mission : BPs, Void key, Artifact, Rare mod then player will have a better sense of control. However, RNG will take place at the end of the sequence mission like Vor example - it acts on a cap of drop percentage and deciding which drop should appeared at the end of sequence. Thus keeping things balanced between working toward the goal and RNG.

Alert system should also be changed by migrate some or most of the artifacts down to this system. Leave the space for more unique items - skins, helmets, frame's BP and Orokin catalyst/reactor.

What do you think of this mix system? Comments are welcomed.

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Not sure if I understand.  (so forgive me if this is what you are suggesting)

I would rather they give a player 2-3 options to choose as their reward from raid, spy, capture, (etc) missions.  You don't really need to increase chances of gaining anything.  Just give people the feeling they are in control of their reward a bit more.

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Ah well, look like I need to elaborate a little more.

You choose what kind of mission sequence you want to do based on the reward. Then you do the mission in specific sequence directed by Lotus and in the end you have the higher chance of getting specific item.

IE: you login to the game, choose what type of mission you want to do for certain type of reward. Lotus order you to do a few (or more) missions and in the end of the sequence, you get the mission with higher chance of getting your chosen reward.

- Player has power to choose what kind of reward he wants.

- Player can work in order to increase drop rate of certain item.

- RNG governs how many missions player has to do before reaching the end.

- RNG governs drop chance based on the highest cap of drop chance.

- RNG governs which reward will drop.

Let's say you have 3% drop chance of rare mod from normal mission. If you choose to play sequence mission then you have 20% chance of getting one instead of 3% with a few more missions invested.

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