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The Elevator/lift Bug


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I forgot the mission , but this happens in mars the 1st waypoint to connect to jupiter.

I'm with other players and doing this mission... when we are going to the elevator the two (2) players already on the elevator and activate it, so i did was i rush using a power slide to go hop-in so i can catch... then the elevator goes up, and the door was closed, my character (excalibur) was graphically half exposed to the door and i can't see the other half, so i thought or i was curious what will happen to me if i go to the back of the door (remember that the two players already activated the elevator so the elevator was not there). Then I move my character to the other side and Fall to the darkness, so i expect when i saw that on my screen, my character will re-spawn to the recent or nearest location.... but that was not happen, i fall into the darkness graphically dark with a blue light showing everytime im throwing/using jump or my skill. but I was still stock and cannot move. And what i did was abort the mission and do it again.

by the way, i don't have an lag or delay issue regarding to my connection. I just want to clarify that this happens to me when my connection was good and stable.

thank you for reading, i hope you can fix this next patch.

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