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What If Warframe's Story Was Written By [Hollywood Director]


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James Cameron- Plot Twist: Exaclibur and Lotus fall in love.

Micheal Bay - Plot Twist: Grenade goes off.

George Lucas - Plot Twist- Captian Vor is our father.

Steven Speilberg - Plot Twist - We have to save Private Excalibur.

Client Eastwood - Plot Twist - Get the grineer off of our lawns.

Robert Zemickes - Plot Twist - We have to go back to the future :c

Christopher Nolan - [insert Batman Refrence here]

Gore Verbinski - Plot Twist - The Rum is gone :c

Peter Jackson - Plot Twist - The hero dies.

Darren Aromofsky - Plot Twist - The grineer were always the good guys and lotus was evil.

Tim Burton - Ah, where do I start.

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