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Psa: Vulklok Damage Adjustments

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Title: Vulklok Damage Adjustments


Our recent release of the Vulklok Sentinel weapon has shown the weapon to be a little too powerful compared to other Sentinel weapons -- largely because it's not a Sentinel weapon at all.  After reviewing the overall damage of the Vulklok we realized too late that the weapon's damage was mirroring another sniper weapon in game: the Lanka.


As a result, using the Diriga became a pretty overpowering experience as the little Grineer Sentinel was packing heat it really shouldn't have gotten its electrified tentacles on.  True to its Grineer heritage, the Diriga is certainly good at re-purposing other technology for its own use!


Because of this we are currently planning for the following changes to be made to the Vulklok Sentinel weapon:


  • The Vulklok will remain to be a high crit sniper weapon, but with reduced accuracy at a distance and while moving.
  • Vulklok's current rate of fire will be reduced.
  • Proc chance for electric procs will be increased.
  • Vulklok's current weapon damage decreased.


We understand that these changes will be a little jarring for anyone that has gotten used to the Diriga's current weapon prowess and apologize for the inconvenience this may cause.



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I should of known it was too good to be true. Oh well, as long as the damage/accuracy isn't too harsh I suppose it's a reasonable nerf, that Vulklok did seem unusually beastly by Sentinel standards.


And more electrical procs is always nice (will it still electrocute enemies even if you no longer have pure electrical damage on the gun though?)

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I knew you would nerf it, but I just had to throw 6 Forma at it.


Oh well.


Also, what's the point of it being a sniper weapon if it has decreased accuracy at a distance?...


I was thinking the same thing. They changed the targeting mechanics of enemies so that snipers are more accurate at a distance when shooting at tenno, but all of a sudden our sentinels develop parkinson's at a distance.


Does nobody review these things before release? Im so glad i didnt waste my time with forma on this thing. Fool me once...

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