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Inaccurate Mod Descriptions


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I'm sure this has been mentioned before, and I'm not sure if this should have gone in the UI bugs area or not, but the description of several mods is inaccurate. They're described as percentages but the effect is a flat value. It actually took me a while to realize this, as I don't tend to pay that much attention to things like my health and shield's actual values, so much as "This is when it's full, anything less is not-full." Most obviously guilty mods are:


Redirection (currently my rank 4 mod says +200%, gives flat 200 shield)

Vitality (same as Redirection, but with health)

Flow (says +25% energy, gives flat 25)


I honestly can't be sure about any of the 'behind the scenes' mods like Steel Fiber (which would be MORE useful as a flat value, but since armor is displayed absolutely nowhere...) any damage increasing mod (Killing Blow works as advertised, anyway) or any ability mod like Stretch, Streamline or anything of that nature, and most certainly not any of the powers mods themselves (I already know ranking some powers up at all just isn't worth it based on what they do, like Well of Life). Just seems like something that really needs to be looked at for the sake of clarity. Not ungodly high priority, but still, y'know what I mean?

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I hit rank 30 with my Trinity not long ago. Base shields and health are 300. My Redirection and Vitality are both equipped. They bring me up to 500/500, a flat +200. +200% would be 900/900. While if it's going off of absolute, unranked  base, then it's accurate, but should likely still be made clear that it  runs off that base and not the ranked version.

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They go by your base stats.

If your base shields are 100, a 200% mod with give you an extra 200.

Same with health and energy



Maybe its just you. I don't have this problem. I have both of those mods equipped on my Rhino, and its about 660 Shields and 480 health. My mods aren't 200% but it still works. Maybe you are doing math wrong? o.o Or a bug just for you?

Ok, subsequent mathing and checking of stats does confirm that you're right, it's running of base, unranked stats, but that doesn't mean the mod descriptions are any less inaccurate, as I do tend to expect it to modify my ranked value as in (B+R)*M where B is base value, R is value added as a result of rank and M is one plus the value from a mod expressed as a decimal rather than (B*M)+R, which means I'm not actually getting what the mod makes me think I should be getting.


Math  without variables for  clarity, as I'm never sure how clear I am, using my current frame (Trinity), mods (rank 4 Redirection and Vitality, unranked Flow) and stats:


Expected shield/hp: (100+200)*(1+2.0)=900

Actual: (100*[1+2.0])+200=500


Expected energy: (150+75)*(1+.25)=281.25

Actual: (150*[1+.25])+75=262.5


Pretty significant difference.

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