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A New Idea For Ash Ulti Using Already-In Resources!


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So i was doing a stealthy approach in a mission with my ash that went to hell later on and while using the ulti i thought about this later on:

Why ash couldn't use a quickened stealth attack animation while doing this ultimate? If would fit a lot better, specially if using blades.

And if the execution animations are too long, why don't Ash just disappear in a puff of smoke, create clones behind each enemy that would be hit with that ulti and they perform that stealth attack animation behind the enemies.

And then ash appears again at the original location with a puff of smoke.

Ash could put his fingers all ninja-esque and then he would move into a cloud/smoke and disperse and after this you would appear behind all enemies in range and perform an execution

Like so: 

Fatality 1: THE FINGER POSITION! (Which is also in the second one)

Fatality 2: For the second animation but imagine him disappearing like that and suddenly you appear behind every single enemy and perform a brutal execution move.

[i know i kinda said the same thing twice, sorry!]

Don't know if this has been suggested before but i thought i'd put my idea here! :)
Hopefully you like it.
And yes, Smoke from MK9 remind me of Ash.. actually, it's the other way around.. :D

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a quicker execution move would be interesting.

but the current move can hit multiple targets if they are close to each other.

I know

It's just so.. damn... ugly... :D

But can't that be fixed with more targets for the ulti?

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