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Help! I Really Want To Buy Platinum But..



I first asked this and he told me to open the game, then go to market > buy platinum then a shift tab'd web page would open, but it won't open.


Then I went to the website went to buy platinum > 75 > then clicked authorize > then it gave me a black webpage

I thought you had to buy steam wallet funds so I bought £4 and it still gives me a black webpage..



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This is how i did it


1. Went to war-fame website chose 75 platinum for frost Aura helmet. It took me to steam sign in.


2. Once its successful it will say you still have to authorize war-frame.


3. It also took me quite a few seconds. Had a blank page leave it for a few seconds if it doesn't work contact steam.


It might just be the website there so many players :D 

Good luck

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