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[Suggestion] For In-Game Challenges


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First of all I'd like to apologize if someone talked about this before but I already checked through the search on this forum and I couldn't find anything about the challenges.




I've never been happy about the in-game challenges.

some challenges aren't probably worked out, like when they ask you to kill 30 enemies with your rifle, that's cool, and another challenge ask you to kill 30 enemies in any way possible, I can easily use my warframe's ability and get 30 kills, they should make it at least 40-50 kills.

and the challenge treasure hunter where you have to collect 1 artifact module, how is that a challenge ? mods are about luck.

and all the rewards are the same 500 affinity if i'm not mistaken.


what I think they should do is that they remove these challenges, and give rewards according of how he played the mission,


for example like I finished a mission without using any warframe ability, that should give me 200 affinity.

or if I finished a game using melee weapon only that should give me like 300 affinity.

or if I finished the game game with most kills (only rewarded with other players on the mission) that should give me 100 affinity.


and if I finished a game without using any abilities and using only melee weapon and also the most kills in the mission, that should give me 200+300+100= 600 affinity.


I think this way will be a lot better than the current challenge system.


that way it'll make the players participate more in the game.


and of course they could add more challenges in the game like killing the boss or reviving team members or finishing the mission un-detected... and so on.




that's just my opinion of course but I'd love to know what you guys think.

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