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Eagle Eye: The observer of shadows


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Hey Guys, Im doing a fanfiction story of lets just say a rejected Tenno, with nothing more than just his memory as his best weapon to discover the truth behind the so called "Lotus" and the true reason why his race exist, because what appears to be an defender of the cosmic freedom got a more dark side.... tell me if you like the idea because I dont want the so called "spam thread"

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Prologue: Soul of metal

When the Solar System was ruled by who called them "humans" were nothing more than exact copies of the same person," no emotions, no pain" was their most accurate description: They were the "Grineer", multiple faces covering a single mask that did all of this, just for making the planet survive until the metal brains came, and tried to stop the complete domination to save their home planet, they called themselves "Corpus" because they were many but united as one to defend what would be the last hopeless planet, Pluto.

When the great clash began in Mars as a fight to make the Grineer get their forces out of there and reclaim what could be one of the water pits for them, the Corpus started to fall in the endless wave of clones, doing nothing more than shooting the Corpus, the war raged for 6 days and got over once they started to escape to the borders of the Solar System, hiding in meteors without a home and almost extinct, they started to reconstruct their species, killing anyone who will get in their way and raiding Grineer bases. Now, I woke up from my eternal sleep in the cryostasis chamber, cold and weak with nothing more than this suit giving me orders that dont come from my mind, because my mind isnt there anymore.

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