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[Suggestion] Dojo Defense


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Like an Alert just for your clan.

2 ideas how this could work:


1) Enemy blows a hole in your main-hall, some enemys are in your rooms, you can go through the hole to destroy the enemy ship.


2) It will send you to an undiscovered part of your dojo, where you have to fight against different enemys.


Missions can be the same like other missions, nothing special.


Everyone can access it, not only one team, it will stay until the time is over, but not 30-60minutes like normal Alerts, instead "Dojo Defense" will be there for only a few minutes. Also it would have the same rules like normal alerts - you finished it, you cant access it again. you can still get in with another clan-member, but you wont get a special reward.


the reward could be like ? Alerts, or a box with some ressources.

Nothing "rare" like the Void drops.

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