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Hotfix 17.4.3

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New Quest: Man of Few Words


One of Darvo’s most trusted contractors is in danger.  Visit Darvo in any Relay for more information on how to save this ally from impending execution.




Added a ‘Max Framerate’ option in the Display settings.  This tool will allow players to set a maximum framerate across all of Warframe.  A max framerate can only be set if V-sync is disabled, but doing this will allow players to run the game at 120FPS instead of ~300FPS+ in places such as the Liset.


Max Framerate settings include:


  • No Limit, 30fps, 50fps, 60fps, 72fps, and 120fps.


Conclave Changes


  • Fixed incorrect description in the Broad Eye Mod.


Vulklok Changes


  • Vulklok fire rate has been decreased from .5 seconds between shots to .15 seconds per shots.
  • Vulklok accuracy has been increased to 100%.




  • Allied NPCs will now give vocal cues when attacking alongside or following a player.
  • Made minor adjustments to Arc Trap audio FX.
  • Quest reminder transmissions will only play once per login.
  • Attack speed Mods now affect melee finisher attack animation speed.
  • Fire rate mods now reduce time between shots per burst on burst fire weapons.




  • Fixed rewards from Orokin Derelict Vaults not being properly received.
  • Fixed dig site ‘E’ in Excavation always showing up as a yellow marker.
  • Fixed Emblems not sitting properly on Sentinels.
  • Fixed the ‘Toggle Ready’ text in the Trade menu not being properly localized for Japanese.
  • Fixed an issue causing bad AI pathing for a new Host after a Host Migration.
  • Fixed improper audio FX on water draining from Rescue Missions on the Grineer Underwater Lab tileset.
  • Fixed some pathing issues with flying enemies that would occur depending on how far they were off the ground.
  • Fixed Arsenal UI not displaying the proper fire rate for burst weapons.
  • Fixed Grineer Archwing Exterminate Missions spawning too many simultaneous enemies, improperly increasing Mission difficulty.
  • Fixed the ‘visible when holstered’ option not hiding quivers on certain bows and causing clipping issues of quivers going through the chest when in the Liset.
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