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[Fan Fiction] Stand Up! - Prolog (Probably)


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 Tell me what you think about it. If you want from me to continue, please write within the comments. Also, this is my first fan fiction, so any criticism would be appreciated. Just don’t beat me up.


 ( Englisch is not my native language)


 You know, I newer thought that I'll end up like this.


 I mean lying over here, alone.


 Waiting for an execution.


 Everything went fine, my Volt smashed right through enemy lines (they behaved like chickens), my sword cut throught their bodies, I was free. And then BUM! Some of this ,,Tenno" poped right in front of me. I'm also a Tenno, don't think that I'm not.


 But seriously? I mean, I just made my joice. And now they'll kill me for ,,war crimes". All I ever did was not going into certeain death!


 Oh, wait but you don't even know what's my name, how do I look, or what the F*** I'm talking about!


 Well that's how it started.





 I was one of the… hmmmm… two thousand children with the correct genotype. Small orphan, no parents, no friends, besides a cat, living on a streat. I mean what are odds for that?


 Oh, wait, I almost forgot about my sister!


 I know what you’ll say: ,,What kind of brother forgets about his sister?”


 Well, I do.


 I found out that she was my sister while they were checking if we’re healthy, and we don’t need medical help.


 I never seen her untill then!


 Put yourself into my place: No family, no friends, and then when I’m twelve years old I find out, that I have a sister!


 Ok, she’s my stepsister.


 But, damn I’m leaving the subject again!


 Ok, I’ll try again.

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