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Prime Refit


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With the new frost prime baking in the foundry I was thinking "You know the frost prime is bareley better than the frost it just has a polarity slot. My frost prime has a reactor in it already and is 30. I could just buy a forma and stick it into my frost and get near the same stats as frost prime."


A reactor is 20 plat and a forma is 20 plat with how both are the same upgrading the baseline frame is a waste. Do I just start not catalysting all the other frames till the prime version is released or do i just forma the base frame instead of wait for the primes.


Then I though what if i could turn my old frost into a Frost prime catalyst or a frost prime forma. It would give progression to my frost by upgrading into a piece of the frost prime. It could be the data from my old frost being reborn into prime form. I wouldnt have to trash an old friend for the new model. It could be a 15 plat item to give more incentive to upgrade your old frame into a new frame. It would also help clean up the warframe inventory and free up inventory slots without the horrible feeling of selling a frame. We could even make advanced ones for transfering forma. Maybe have an advanced refit that turns a frame with 3 forma on it into a double prime forma to help speed up your growth.

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