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Approach Cinematics And Loading Screen Bugs

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1. The Liset Colour and Skin customizations do not show up if a player joins the game while we're on the loading screen, leading to a large number of boring looking grey-and-white Lisets, especially when we join with pick-up players instead of a pre-made team.


2. The things we approach don't match the locations we fight in. Most prominently

- Eris Missions in Infested Corpus Ships show a Normal Corpus Ship on approach. It makes no sense that the ship is intact since it's in pieces when viewed from inside.

- Orokin Derelict Missions show an Infested Corpus Ship on approach. It should be an Infested Orokin Ship, since there is a model for them and it's a great one.

- Sometimes the thing we approach is just an untextured cube thing, like the picture below shows.


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