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Void Mission Rewards Question



I have a few question for those people that have done Void farming with others.

1 - Do you need a key to get mission rewards?

2 - Do you get any bonus reward if you have a key for the void mission?

3 - Do all people with the appropriate void key have one removed from inventory or just one person in the group?

The reason I am asking is to determine if there is a strategy in farming up the keys in a group.

If all people get the same mission reward regardless if they have the void key for the mission it would be better to make sure only one person in the group has the key to increase the number of missions that can be run and thus increase void drops.

Also, if you run with two other people you can specifically have one person farm Venus for level 1 keys, another person farm Jupiter for level 2 keys and the third member farm Eris/Pluto for level 3 keys so there is no duplication of keys thus saving farming time.

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Yes, RNG determines if you get a key or not at the end of the missions, but the level of key seems to be tied to the mission level.

Thus far, all my level 1 keys have come from Venera and Kilken in the Venus system and all my level 2 keys have come from Carme and Io in Jupiter.

I am currently trying systems progressively higher level to see where the break point is for level 3 keys.

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Only one person uses a key to start a void mission. Then they must invite the other players to join them. Only that first person loses a key and only if you complete the mission. Everyone in the mission gets the mission reward item.


So if you farm a defense mission with 3 friends and all take a key as a reward, then you will have 4 void mission runs for your group, and be able to get 4 of the rewards.

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