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Distribution Of Frames Blueprint Drop

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so far this is what we know, (or should) about who or what drops what;


Jackal                   ->    Rhino
Vay Hek                ->    Hidroid
The Sergeant       ->    Mag
Alad V                  ->    Valkyr
Sargas Ruk          ->    Ember
Tyl Regor             ->    Equinox
Hyena Pack          ->    Loki
Ambulas               ->    Excalibur
Lech Kril               ->    Frost
Mutalist Alad V     ->    Mesa
Kela De Thaym    ->    Saryn
Raptor                  ->    Nova
Vor + Kril              ->    Trinity
Lephantis             ->    Nekros
Outbreaks            ->    Nyx
Quest                  ->    Chroma
                            ->    Limbo
                            ->    Mirage
Dojo                    ->    Zephyr
                           ->    Banshee
                           ->    Volt
Eximus               ->    Oberon
Maniac               ->    Ash
Alerts                 ->    Vauban


and with every rework of a Boss their drop change (except Sargas I think), and the next boss is Kela De Thaym, Tyl Regor, and I don't know what would happend with The Sergeant, so why don't redistribute some drops now ?


we have 10 distinct Eximus, not counting the Guardsman that have 4 specific types


Grineer =



Leech / Energy Leech


Corpus =





Infested =






Void = all of above (regardless if the void is going to "blow up" I doubt that the units will disappear forever)


So I see 2 that are all over the place, Arson/Caustic, and Artic, wouldn't be better if Frost and Ember end up in there? theres a lot of people that post screens with enough blueprints to craft between 100 and 300 Oberons, so why not change it a little bit, we could even put Volt (Shock) and Saryn (Venomous) in there,Guardian do some refresh pulse very much like Mag's shield polarize. I have no idea what Blitz does, and I don't find any frame in the style of Sanguine, Blitz, Parasitic / Leechers (yet).


Besides that, in the dojo, regardless if the Volt goes to eximus, I think that Zephyr in the dojo is perfect, and IDK about banshee (I remember how hard was to get the helmet but that is not the case), what would be perfect for the dojo Vauban <-- so maybe 1 or 2 frames could go to alerts, perhaps Oberon, Banshee or even Ash, even more there are mini-bosses like Sprag, Ven'kra Tel and Lynx that are completly wasted in sabotage missions, in my opinion, the point is that there are huge variety of styles and types of mods wasted in some way or another (no mention of the Infested Runner having NO DROP AT ALL), Bursas are comming back and bring some event stances, thats perfect, kind of hard to kill / farm, but I don't see the way to farm Ash now a days, I have both so didn't try much, but I've killed countless maniacs with little to no drop at all.


More that this idea could be shifted to some void mods, because of the limit of missions more and more primed frames are going to the vault (ember I think is next), and don't wanna even think what would happend if equinox prime is released, 9 parts in the void, and if the croma need the prime parts welp frost is no longer here, but welp void is going to "blow up" but some of this could be used to put at ease the drop of some other frame, like Frost Prime, Ember Prime, Volt Prime, etc etc, I would like to "read" your opinions, about what frames could be change from where are they drop, what would you like or feel more appropiate for the dojo and even for alerts.


Count with only changing Frost and Ember, we will get Sargas Ruk and Lech Kril free for another Frames, and when Kela De Thaym gets rework (I guess that the bolder frames is going to end up in her) where's Saryn going to end up ?




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