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HEK suggestions, and weapon 'skilltree' change in general.


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I'm the proud owner of a pro-ed HEK, it's certainly a very fun weapon but it has one flaw... it's just too good. With the ability to get all the upgrades available to all the other shotguns (and weapons), the few drawbacks it has can be nullified rather quickly, i therefore suggest getting the HEK it's own, personalized skilltree, and restricting the use of certain mods with it.

The HEKs big drawback should be it's tiny magazine size of 4 shots, which fits well to it's four barrels. So the ability to increase magazine size should be removed from the weapon as should any mods increasing it's magazine size above 4. this would make other shotguns more viable, while atm they are just placeholders for the time you get your hands on the HEK and once you've done that, they become obsolete.

Similiar, personlized trees could be used to give the other weapons also more character and make them more specilized and/or balanced. I don't have any problems with the other weapons i currently use, so i focused on the HEK for my OP, but i gues everyone is free to express his concerns about over/under powered weapons in this thread and how a personlized skill tree might fix that... or how that is a stupid idea and i should feel bad for making this thread. Happy posting.

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