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Latron (Prime) Stats


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Hey there


I got some problems with comparing the Latron and the Latron Prime weapon stats to decide which one is better. Wiki says the Latron has 7.5% base crit chance, but I saw weapon spreadsheets where it has 15%. Now I don't know if the spreadsheet or the Wiki is wrong and if the Latron Prime base crit chance really is 10%.

Can anyone confirm what stats are right for each weapon (without guessing if the Wiki or the Spreadsheet is right)?

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It's definately not 15%, which would be a crit almost every 6 shots. 7.5% sounds reasonable, around 1 crit per magazine.

I'm not so sure. I seem to crit A LOT more than just once per mag. More like 3 to 4 crits per mag.


No, I do not have the crit mod equipped on it.

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