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The "extra-large" dispute:

Right now how the Dojo simply encourages clans to be as large as possible, I don't think this is how it is supposed to be, nor how DE intended it to work. By that I don't mean that extremely large clans are wrong and there shouldn't be any, but DE obviously has in mind an ideal size for clans to which they tailored the resources needed for dojo building and researching, if the clan is bigger or smaller then of course building a dojo will be harder or easier. The problem is how easy it is to freeload on these bigger clans.

Many have suggested an increase of building costs for larger dojos, for example starting from 50 every time the number of clan member's double, the cost to build increases by 25%. Something like that would somewhat discourage clans to light heartedly accept any player, but alone it wouldn't solve the problem of freeloading that plagues the larger clans and would simply increases the strain on the clan members that are actually contributing.

Another option would be to make larger clans require more structures to function, for example there could be a maximum number of members a clan can have, but building more clan halls and great halls would increase this limit (clans that have already surpassed this limit would need to build more halls before they can continue recruiting). Researching weapons could only give BP to the members that have contributed to that research, which means that bigger clans would benefit from many laboratories so that multiple researches can be done at once by their many members.

Ideas for new rooms:

Aesthetics, that's half of the reason players want a dojo, but it doesn't feel expanded on. An interface to change colors (similar to how we customize warframes and weapons) for each room wouldn't be out of place and would affect those glowing plants, the floors ceiling and decorations. Moreover, there could be "room skins" to replace, for example, the plants with statues or other tweaks along those lines. All of this would of course cost more resources, but it would gives ways to work on a dojo that isn't simply 'add more rooms'.

Trading is still in development, DE made it clear that it will be limited and linked to the clan system, so why not a trading room? It could look like a storage with lockers and a player can use the lockers to set up a trade offer that other players can view and accept at any time; or it could be a real-time kind of thing that requires both traders in the room, somewhat like old-school pokemon trading.

A training room for each mastery trial would also be nice, upon entering/activating it would be just like attempting a mastery rank.

What I call the overcharge room could be an interesting idea. To use it, X number of players need to bring in a copy of the same maxed out mod and a ton of resources/money and after some time (12h?) they all get a the mod back one rank beyond its limit (cannot be redone with the same mod of course).

There could even be a room (warlord room?) that once built gives access to a central interface to aid in dojo planning and lets you perform the above mentioned aesthetic tweaks, perhaps it could even allow the warlord to create requirements to enter some rooms.

A costly shrine room could be built where players can offer materials to temporarily increase the chances one particular item will drop from enemies.

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Dojos are still alfa. That said, I love you're ideas over new rooms and aesthetics.


The training room, maybe one room for each mastery/test type, as there are tests that are the same on different ranks.


I think there should be a room or a UI for the architect to play around and fix up the rooms and reposition things, change the colors, even if it has some cost, and again have a place inside this room where only they have access, along with a "collector" so that people donate to have the fixes happen, that way you have to plan before building :)


I think there should be a trading system inside clans, I have a Split Chamber double and my brother has a Hells Chamber double, we anted to be able to exchange them as I really need that Hells and he really needs the Split Chamber haha


About the room to decrease mods and stuff, even though I wouldnt have a use, I know some people would have a use for that, so its a great idea. Just I think there shouldnt be a limitation over all mods being the same level and people having to do it at the same time. Just put in set values for mod rank and rarity, lets say a Rare level 5 costs X credits to demote, and you can choose to demote it as much as you want, under the cost of paying the credits and not receiving what you used to fuse it the first time. And ofc different time values for each, the higher the mod, the rare the mod, more time to wait for it to unfuse. And the more you want to unfuse, the time adds on, according to the set values.


That said it would be nice to have training rooms where you choose the level of the enemies and the type, where you can do a kind of X-MEN training room. Whoever has seen the comics, or the films, or the anime will remember they had training rooms that simulated and had different levels, that way you could even learn how to fight, what to expect and be ready for the battlefield.


Along with that, a "Parkour" room would be fantastic, maybe with sidequests inside it. On games like Mario Kart, if Im not mistaken, along with the games main goal, race and be the best, there was, if im not mistaken over the kart game, two other styles that you could do. One was kind of a tony hawk style, where you did acrobatics and stuff to gain points, in warframe it would be wall running and so on, and there was a fighting course and stuff, this allready implemented with the dojo, but could go further with parkour duels, aiming duels, and so on, and all could be new rooms to get the clans more involved in building them, and thus getting gamers more hyped into warframe, that after fixing prices ofc so that small clans can have there dojos and there fun.


Also there could be a invite room, where you would invite friends that dont have a clan so they can see hows youre dojo and decide if they want to join over that aspect, or even to invite people from other dojos, all this at a limited invitation number, so you can duel or hang around, where invited would not be able to do anything other than walk around you're dojo, and interact inside dueling areas. Also they can again make a new room where you would have clan duels and stuff, and a room where you can send out challenges to other clans, and set up the rules etc.


Theres so much space to work on, just hope the devs realize this and let go of the expensive amounts, and look at the endless rooms they can build and thus get us so involved and keen to actually pay, while atm several of us arent involved over the issues i stated.


Great post, +1

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