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Void Reward List.

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For future reference, I would like people to post their void reward list here. I will start with mine.


Frost prime BP x0

Frost prime Chassis x2

Frost prime helmet x1

Frost prime systems x1


Reaper prime blueprint X4 (including the lost ones)

Reaper prime handle x5

Reaper prime blade x1


Latron prime blueprint x3

Latron prime barrel x4

Latron prime stock x4

Latron prime receiver x0


Forma x1

Forma blueprint x2


I am creating a graph with this to try and submit. Please be honest!


Edit: Please post out of how many missions. Mine is out of 28.

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Frost Prime Bluerint x0

Frost Prime Chassis x1

Frost Prime Helmet x1

Frost Prime Systems x3


Reaper Prime Blueprint X0

Reaper Prime Handle x3

Reaper Prime Blade x0


Latron Prime Blueprint x1

Latron Prime Barrel x0

Latron Prime Stock x1

Latron Prime Receiver x0


Forma x0

Forma Blueprint x1

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7 Handles, 5 stocks, 2 Barrels. Plenty of Blueprints.


DE, where is my goddamn blade or receiver? This is a prime example of Pay to win. If you don't pay for it, its gonna take 3 years to obtain.


I heard you spent 3 weeks finding parts for the reaper prime? Don't worry customer, we made Hate, which is better, which you can buy straight off the bat.

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I have obtained 18 handles, 5 barrels, 0 receivers, 0 blades, 9 stocks,2 Forma blueprints, and a massive amount of other blueprints that I've sold. Why are handles so commmon? Wasn't it stated in one of the hotfixes that the drop rates on handles were reduced? The drop rates on Blades and Receivers are too low, making Void runs not worth much of your time unless you have a large amount of plat that you want to spend

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Latron prime bp x19

Frost prime chasis bp x2

Frost prime Helmet bp x3

Frost prime systems x3

Reaper prime bp x 5

Latron prime barrel x1

Latron prime stock x7

Reaper handle x 9


0 forma bp

0 frost prime bp

0 reaper prime blade

0 latron prime reciver.


49 runs


I am glad I did the fuson moa event so had the frost prime bp to start it cooking.

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