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Let me start by saying that this is not a QQ thread and i am not screaminng for massive drop rates/op mods. I know that this is CB and they adjusting the drop rates.

Ok, so this is a dungeon crawler we all know and love and a pretty cool one but i think the grind progression we are starting to see is not the way to go. Let me explain what i mean exactly.

Mods So, after recent patches (5.3 i think ?) we are starting to see a lot less of the things like 2 modifier mods, multishot mods (OP as hell if you ask me) and even average blue mods. Keep in mind that that drop rates for mods became lower as well (from my expirience). And after recent balance changes/updates to get 30 mods you have to do pluto. While this doesnt sound very drastic in reality it kinda is. When you combine all this factors: lower drop rates/ farming 1 planet/ bad mods in general it feels more like work than it feels like fun. Now, i won't go into balance of the mods(That deserves it's own topic and is better left to the devs) i have to say that some serious changes are needed.

Game content Right now there is very little content in the game and by restrincting peaces of the game (as i stated above) there is even lower content. Keep in mind that it's a dungeon crawler after all and when people log in for a few hours they expect some gratification.

Endgame At the moment all endgame comes down to farming mods. Again, when players got their frame and weapons to lvl 30 they need sense of accomplishment to keep them interested in the game. Some games do this by having PvP, some do this by introducing new content on monthly basis while giving players something to do in between. Sadly we have no PvP, there isn't a lot you can do except shoot stuff and with randomly generated maps put together by reused tiles this game is starting to look like a grindfest for mods (For me anyway).

From my personal expirience After hitiing lvl 30 getting my weapons to lvl 30 i log in to the game."Hmm, my axe could use some mods since after 6 hours of running pluto yesterday i couldn't get a lvl 30 mod that was better than my lvl15 green one. Ok, Hades is kinda hard but i'll be ok". After 30 Hades runs you are starting to check your inventory. 40% armor, 40 % armor, 50 health, 15% dmg etc etc. Now, i just spent another 4 hours on the game and didn't get anything for my trouble. This is discouraging to say the least. Now, i think im done for today, i'll log in tommorow and probably will do half the runs, Even less after tommorow and so on. You probably get the idea.

Conclusion There needs to be something to keep players interested. There needs to be some reward system for those players who can not sit for 12+ hours in hopes if getting some reward/being lucky to get "?" mission. Again, while making the game harder is good, making the game a grind is not, This will dicourage players some players.

What can be done ? I don't know. This is a headache for the develepors. But something clearly has to be done if the game wants to stay alive in todays f2p market.

That is all. My english sucks, i know.

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