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How Do I Apply A Sentinel To My Character?



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Sentinels are like battle pets; a Sentinel is different than a mod cards for use with Sentinels (like a weapon is different from a weapon mod).  If you had a Sentinel, it'd be visible by clicking the little Sentinel icon next to your Frame's colour pallet in the Arsenal screen (left side of the screen).


Mod cards will appear in your Mod inventory, but you can pick up mod cards for items you do not have; when just starting out, you likely won't have a sentinel or shotgun, but you can still pick up mods for them.


You can check the wiki for more info; http://warframe.wikia.com/wiki/WARFRAME_Wiki

Some starter guides;




Edit: ninja'd by other helpers.  This is what I get for being interrupted in the middle of a post :P

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