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Was There A Nerf To Rare Materials Drop Rate?


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It might be just a case of a diluted drop pool due to the introduction of the research materials.

this might be true, i have noticed alot of them being dropped instead of regular rares, but they need to keep the same percentage they used to have for the old ones.

They just made all the guns more expensive, why would you make it harder to get the mats?

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With the new resources added, the bosses now have 2 different "rare" resources to drop, thats probably the reason they seem nerfed, they werent nerfed, they just have now 2 rare things and with that it seems nerfed while it actually continues dropping at the same amount, just inbetween 2 resources.


The biggest issue was the amount of these resources needed on some bps, like the stalker weapons (10 morphics on each, reallly? 5000 ferrite... damn).


The fix Id see as probable and best was fixing or the drop amounts, lets say 2-5 of the rare ones that now are needed in big quantities like morphics, or to change the bp requirements.

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