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Clan Resource Sharing / Donating Is Crap.


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so currently, the ONLY way you can donate resources to your clan to help build things apparently, is wait for someone to start to build a room (or start yourself, same thing), and then clan members can go to that door and donate to the room. 


but if a room isn't building, a clan can't just have members drop in from time to time to like, donate to the pool so the clan can make rooms. so the clan never knows how much materials are available to them, until trying to start a room.


and if building the room is canceled, all the resources are refunded. this is good, yes, but makes more work. if another room is started, now EVERYONE needs to come back to the dojo and donate to the door again. and communication needs to happen with all members that this is needed, blah blah. 



this is really slow, and stupid. why cannot clan members just donate x amount of resources to the clan pool, and have them simply be available? you would be able to pull them out at any time, but if you want to throw 5000 alloy plates into the pool, it would deduct from your personal storage so it's always available, and the next time a room is started building, the pool is subtracted resources to help build the room. 


(ideally there would be a terminal somewhere in the dojo - probably near where players spawn - and it would allow them to donate, retract, and view current clan resources).


this makes for a lot less work and wasted time in building a dojo. instead of waiting for clan members to donate to a door, they have already pledged resources to the clan, and it can be used at any time to build rooms. 



sure, the current system allows players to make sure what they donate to is what they want. but who plays in a clan of random people? clans definitely encourage teamwork, but that doesn't mean we should all be in the same clan and not know any of each other and not trust each other. i trust all the people in my clan, because we were all a clan before warframe. so we don't need a baby protector holding us back. 

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Chill the effs down, and read the bloody update notes.


Additional Information:

- "WHERE IS TRADING?" It is still being worked on, not ready for deployment yet.

- Clan Vault is part of Trading, not yet deployed. Sit tight!

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