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"You see, Hyena... You're not dealing with your average Tenno. I, Lord Ixek, AM A SUPER TENNO!"


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So, while looking for a Control Module, two mates and myself were doing Hyena. I'm not sure what caused this to occur, but once I had entered the game I appeared invisible from my point of view. The others could see me (or at least when I charge-melee'd they could), as could the enemies, but I might as well not have been there from my view.

The fun doesn't end there.

Apparently, I was also invulnerable to all projectile and melee damage (though I can't confirm the latter). I still took damage from explosive and shockwave damage, but it truly felt like I had accended past the ranks of a normal Tenno.

I stood there right in front of the boss and just blasted it into oblivion with my Strun till it died.

(Another thing worth mentioning is that, if you get too close to Hyena, and it's between you and a wall, it'll freak out and stop trying to attack, instead constantly attempting to back up or move forward and thus become no more threatening than those spore-cloud things in the Infestation levels.)

So yeah, just wanted to give a heads up that either a glitch happened, or I've become the Legendary Super Tenno and am going to mouth f*%^ everything that dares to oppose... er... whatever it is we're fighting for.

(Also I was using Jolt, if that helps any.)

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