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For All Those That Had/will Run Missions With Me...


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I want to make a public announcement for those that I have run missions with or will in the future.

My in-game chat is completely broken (has been since I started playing WF). I cannot type in chat, nor do I see any messages that others type.

So, if I am with you in game and you try talking to me through chat and I never respond it is because I cannot see the message.

DE support knows but there is no time frame when a solution might be found.

I have yet to run a Void mission for this reason since I cannot have people talk and ask me to run a mission, nor can I talk to others.

So, please show me a bit of grace when I run with you and I appear to be ignoring everyone or acting rude, I really am not.

I am hoping this will be resolved sooner rather than much later.

Thanks for understanding.

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Did you try holding C and talking on the mic? Or doesnt that work also? I mean its a temp solution for normal runs.


And about Void missions, get 3 friends to play along and use Skype to communicate and go on those Void missions. Thats what I do, even though my chat works nevertheless =)

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