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Further Customization


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Hi, first off i want to say that Warframe is both looking good and playing well.

my question to the community is... how would more advanced Warframe customization go for you?

colour options and different skins yet to come out are indeed a solid amount of customization but i mean... make YOUR OWN Warframe.

this could be done in many ways, for example...

the player could be restricted to Waframe pieces that they have unlocked. meaning: if someone only has the Loki and the Volt Warframe unlocked, they can only use those pieces for their personal Warframe, such as Loki arms, Volt legs ETC... Even a Loki right arm and Volt left.

the general idea, in short, is that you choose an original Warframe... lets say Volt, you have his powers and such. BUT you can just further customize his appearence.

so what do you guys think? yay or nay? personally, im a big fan of Co-op AND customization... together.... adult films are just..... obsolete.....

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I think DE will eventually monetize skins, but mixing warframes removes identity and further decreases the difference between them.

Seems like it, if you click on the Colour Palette in the Arsenal, you can actually see a place reserved for warframe skins or maybe even models. Can't wait to see all that microtransaction goodness. I mean especially with the current state of Ember, yeah, can't wait lol.

However being able to change certain parts of your warframe sounds good too, I'm all for customisation, the more the better. Just not too sure if it would look good mixing the warframes, maybe instead an option to choose different pieces? More helmets, chest pieces, etc etc.

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Well, it's still the closed beta, I bet they add various more configuration options, just like every other MMO does after a while to make more money :D

Mixing Warframes wouldn't work out well... but choosing MORE pieces for EACH Warframe could do the job, they could all be designed to fit the special Warframe you are customizing just nice.

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Im hoping to a unique warframe too, like choosing a base armor like for example Volts without the cape/dagger/rings/back of the head, and to have to select different kinds of selection for those parts too but keeping the original Volt feel to it :3

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