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Some Things I May Want To Suggest


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>> Allowing players to trade resources, gear, mods, resources etc or just everything. How about making a room in clan dojo as a low tax/free trade zone. Then, make a large market where you can trade with players outside your clan. For that, maybe put in 5<->10 % tax on goods sold or something.


>> I somehow cannot unequip equipment. I put in a shotgun ammo box, but I don't use shotguns. Cant get rid of it. Equip system may need to be modified. I dunno, it could be just me.


>> Squad chat, words appear above the player who typed it. As for now its very hard to see who says what. And feels like you're not talking to the person himself.


>> Weapons retain rank even after being sold. It feels bad to have to start all over when you sell a weapon. Since selling a gun and gaining affinity again does nothing to our level, the game does keep a record of our rank achieved. Same rank should automatically be gained again if we buy/build the same weapon again. The ability of a weapon should be the 'experience' of the wielder, not 'experience' of the gun. Well, except if you used forma of course.

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They're working on a limited trade system.


Select the shotgun ammo box and choose the item you want to replace it with.


Should be a toggle option as some people would love it and others (me) wouldn't.


Having an unlimited supply of level 30 weapons to trade is not a good idea (assuming they allow weapon trading).



Edit: My inner grammar nazi was screaming.

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Trading is already planned and it won't be the way you want it either, it'l lbe rather strict and I tnk that's a good idea, too many games with economies that let you trade and sell anything and everything to anyone are always annoying and will be abused and exploited easily.

I haven't quipped any consumables simply because I don't use them, but I think it should be able to be unequipped if it's not happening, perhaps you should ask DE in the next livestream?

Squad chat is simple, the name's are right next to the msgs, and if the msgs appeared above the character it would be annoying and you're not always LOOKING at players either.

I'll have to disagree on this too. I don't see why you would sell something and later want it back? If you like it, you should keep it. That's what I have been doing. I don't' see why gear should retain their rank, if it's "brand new". It's like selling your car and buying a new one, it won't have everything yours did, just an example.

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