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The Problem With Clans


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Don't get me wrong, I love co-op, and working together as a group to achieve great things, but there is a huge flaw in the clan system.


There is no limit as to how big a clan can get. This leads to several other issues. 


People don't care who they invite. (Hey, I bet they have resources to contribute to our awesome clan! I'll invite them!)


No social experience. They're not inviting to make friends, they're inviting so they have more people to do work that they don't have to do. It would be cool to know every member you walk past strolling through your dojo, but the cold hard truth is members probably don't know even 20 other members of their clan. But hey, they get to duel people and get exclusive clan only weaponry without lifting a finger.


Ultimately, there is no incentive to join a new clan, or even a small, semi-established clan when you can just go join 

Bro-Frame or some other large clan and have everything already done for you. I have been trying to recruit some people to my new clan for a few days now, and I have gotten 2 people to join that aren't people I already knew in real life, setting my clan at a whopping 5 people.


One time, I was playing defense, and after a few waves, I tried to start a conversation with the players before inviting them to my clan, you know, just to not be completely blunt. When I popped the question, this is how the conversation went.


Me- Wanna join my clan?

Random- IDK, what do you have, I'd have to leave mine.

Me- We're a new clan that is just starting out, but are friendly and mature.

Random- Na...


Not word for word, but that's how it went. You see, no-one is asking these questions-

Hmm. What is this clan's motive?

I wonder if they have a friendly player base?

Man, I'd really like to join a clan that's really fun and doesn't just have tons of people that no one knows.


Their only question is-

What clan has the most members and everything is already done for me,


Unless something is done to limit the size of clan, or help smaller clans, we will all be forced to join clans with 2,000+ people that don't know eachother.


+1 If you stand with me.

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What exactly is the point of a clan within a gameplay system consisting of a co-op of only 4 players? DE gave a hafl-arsed profit driven purpose that is Dojo, and that is why we are at where we are now. The game needs to evolve around having more and more to do with other players first, before trying to make clans a thing.

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Just a side question, is there a way to know if some one is in a clan? I just made mine, (just me and my brother atm) and I keep asking, Hey you in a clan? And the answer is always. Yes. I think there should be the clan name under their life bar when you mouse over them or something. Maybe have it on the health bars you bring up when you Press Z. It would really make the impact of a clan more prominent. 

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