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Don't Even Nerf Thread 'till You Own It. [Please, Give It A Read]


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+1's help the cause but comments show other people WE ARE LEGION. No seriously. Post something. Agree, Disagree, whatnot. 


Seriously, guys. Seriously. I don't care if it makes your favorite gun look like crap. I don't care if it looks like its outshining your big shiny 6 time forma'd whatever at level 20. Max it out and go play some endgame rounds. Because in a big fancy gun game like this one, gear is usually pretty balanced towards endgame.


But Glorious, I am so super special awesome I know what its going to do at level 30! At level 20 it already-

STOP. No. You don't have esp. Max it out with some fancypants mods. Go play Pluto or high end defense. If it still feels like its making rockets shoot out of your scrotum, then we need to talk.


Hey, I'm just saying I think [insert weapon] is the perfect picture of balance and this is totally breaking it.

Awww, I'm sorry. Is that one your favorite? Well, that's nice and all, but I don't think balancing a game around YOUR favorite weapons is a good idea. After all, everyone else has favorite weapons too. Why can't we balance around those?


I am a master of all things Warframe. I play a ton and I know if I throw around a few fancy numbers it'll look like I know what I'm doing. Those are totally OP.

Just as a Biology professor generally doesn't know everything about biology(otherwise he'd be able to tell you why sometimes you seem completely uninteresting to the other sex. Personally, I think its the hair. Go get a haircut). the fact that you play 7 hours of Warframe a day does not make you an expert. Throwing around numbers and fancy terms isn't going to help you, either, because by trying to make other people feel like you know what you're doing, you're actually making them understand less of what you're saying. Language is about communication, not knowing how to operate the biggest do-hickey.


I don't own the weapon, but that other guy in my game was totally destroying with it and I barely got any kills. Its so OP, please nerf.

Now this one I LOVE. I really do. Because its really admitting what half these problems are - your ego. Aside from that, that guy can probably destroy you any day of the week with any other piece of gear, because MODS AND SHEET(preferably satin). if he's running mutlishot full elemental attack damage and speed, yeah. He's probably got you beat. Forever. Don't even try.


You're just defending it because you use that weapon.

Really? Odd. Aside from some of the alert swords and clan research ones, I basically own all the weapons. And you know what? I don't use the same gear from game to game. I use whatever suits my fancy. Sometimes its fun to run through a mission using only a sicarus. Sometimes, its not. Sometimes I don't even weapon because I have abilities. I think a lot of you are forgetting the main thing here: Its not about a kill score or how much better you did than that one guy on your team, its about completing your objective and, hopefully some day soon, about teamwork. That guy with the HEK or Kunai or Glaive or whatnot is ON YOUR TEAM. He can't hurt you, he can only help you. That is, unless he's Loki and switch teleports you into a giant mass of Ancient Disruptors, but that's not the point.


The point is, please, before you nerf thread, nerf your nerf threads. Think about it a while. Ponder it over some pie. Eat the entire pie. Think about it a bit longer. Come back to it later. i guarantee that if it truly is OP you'll know by then, and if it isn't, you just saved yourself some forum rage, kapish? Because I don't want to shoot cotton candy out of my gun just because your ego got a little boo-boo.


As always, your opinions, positive or negative, are always welcome. If you don't like my thread, you can always downvot-oh wait. 8)



FURTHER DETAIL AND EDIT(almost wrote Fuhrer. That would have been awkward.)


Gearb0x wrote:

You're also correct about misused terms and focus in weapon discussions.  "The weapon is OP" gets countered by "X has more DPS" countered by "Power Creep" countered by "Effective Damage/Mod" countered by Voodoo countered by Insults countered by Banhammer.  The effectiveness, usefulness and feel of weapons are rarely discussed in any meaningful manner, when those are the important aspects of a PVE weapon.  "The Burstron feels like crap because of the kick" is a much better topic than "The Burstron's DPS is terrible and should be buffed" 


I feel like this is a really good point made here, as well as something that really speaks to the point of this thread. We're not saying DON'T EVER NERF. If a gun is shooting mini nukes at a rate of 15 per milisecond and causing micro supernovas where it lands and the noise it makes is 15 demon-banshees singing in tune, we probably do need to fix it(Alternatively, best gun ever). We're saying give us good reasons, LEGITIMATE reasons, to nerf or buff a weapon, with accurate and non-biased analysis. This doesn't just help your fellow Tenno understand you, this helps DE see where the real problems are.

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We had a secret meeting in the secret clubhouse, and we've decided, this thread warrants a sticky.


Nevertheless, some words of advice here: Even negative feedback, even harsh criticism will be heard. DE has no intention to get praise or silence, and the emotions of the players are what shape the game on every step. If you read this and feel as if you were told to shut up, take a step back. All that is being asked for is: be civil about your complaint. Look at it twice.


And then, post it. The Community Management, the Developers and ComMods read your threads and even if you don' get a response to all posts, they are read. Don't feel as if you could not voice your issues. Instead, go right ahead and post it up. Just remember: You can get your point across with examples, sources, references and reasons, and it is much more likely to be processed favourably.


No one likes to be yelled at.


But what we'd like even less is if people would not speak their mind anymore. :)

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