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Rudiculous Update 8


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The following is a list of grievances with update 8 that me and my clan (The Off Brand)have developed



1) the dojo is completely unachievable for our small clan (under 10 players)

a) dojo rooms require Forma, (which we have gotten one of through dumb luck during a daily reward) and in order to make the bare minimum for all research rooms (two cross halls, a reactor and the research rooms themselves), you need 75 forma. at 20 platinum apiece, this would cost 1500 platinum total, with a minimum package price of $79.98

b) this minimum setup also requires 

550,000 Credits, 455,000 Salvage, 175,000 Circuits, 140,000 Polymer Bundle, 240,000 Nano Spores, 70,000 Ferrite, and 15,000 Alloy Plate

c) the research itself also requires materials, which makes a ton of sense, but sadly that price comes at the end of so many other expenses that it just seems rediculous



2) the new weapons have huge production costs or have limited use

a) the machete speaks for itself

b) no more snipetron- the vulcar does not work nearly as well as the older model as it has no armor pierce

c) the kunai seem great, but have a huge material cost attached  5Morphics, 3000 Ferrite, 4000 Nano Spores, and 4000 Salvage

d) new prime weapons are nearly unachievable, as they require several parts (which we have not found, only the whole blueprint)

e) Latron is underpowered. not expecting a change on this one, but just thought i'd put it out there


3) new glitches

a) burrowing infested in exterminate missions. really sucks to kill 200 infested only to find that the 201st be underground and invincible. the decoy glitch would be really useful as a fix, or you could just fix it normally

b) wall climbing has gotten easier, and tends to only happen when i don't want it to

c) infested ancients can get their hand stuck to the ground


4) The Void

a) There is no way to kill over 100 level 69+ enemies (Tower 3 Exterminate)

b) The puzzles are too easy to mistakingly break during a battle

c) The only reward we have gotten was the Latron Prime Blueprint


please feel free to move this thread to a new category, and please give feedback on our ridiculous claims to injustice

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1 & 2:


DE are maybe trying to encourage small 10 man clans to merge. If 10  of you merged you would become a very big clan overnight. Also that would mean a donation of less than £1 per member to make the Dojo. This game requires money to play at the level you want to play at. You have to be very patient otherwise and play the game for a longer period otherwise.


Maybe it could be you who unites the smaller clans. Braveheart did it and nearly defeated England. Will you paint your face blue and bring the clans together?:) Start a thread mate and see if anything comes of asking for other clans to merge into 1 bigger clan. I feel your pain but there are other ways around this problem.


3: Its in beta.


4: We pulled a level 93 instance and it was what many of use have been crying out for. Just took me around £80 for it to happen and it was over too soon. As for puzzles, this is not tomb raider. They have tried though. I have everything that can drop in the void and it took only a few hours running 4 man missions. It is not just L-BP that drops there. Lots of Forma recipes and new stalker weapons as well.


Hope this helps.

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Just a quick walk-by:


2d) see 4c)

4a) I have to disagree. Even at level 20, with a good team and persistence - maybe ammoboxes - this is doable. I reset three days ago and was okay.

4c) It is RNG, and while the spread is odd (has been reported), it does drop other things.

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The void rewards need a REAL RNG, not the same crappy one as everything else, every reward should be just as common/rare as any other, having 90 stocks and barrels for the Latron prime is silly.

It feels like people who actually buy the keys just wasted 99% of their money to get what they wanted, a single Latron Prime Reciever or Reaver blade.

Oh, and the Frost Prime's exclusivity went out of the window like a damn rocket.

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one item i'd like to say is that our clan is us. i see all the members of the clan every day i go to school, and would like to keep it personal. we do not have credit cards, so we cannot pay for platinum and we are trying our hardest to do the grinding. that in mind, we all find it ridiculous that forma are so hard to find and that we only have 50% of the materials after a 4-day weekend of work. while the void was fun and challenging for us to complete, we all find it to be a waste of time to find the keys and to get the loot.

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I just checked out the 7.10.0 patch notes and nowhere does it say anything about the Frost Prime BP being exclusive to the event. If you all recall, the BP and the three new mods to the top 100 on the leaderboard were not announced until after the event.

As the Fusion Moa event progressed the picture of Frost Prime BP became more and more clear and upon hitting 100% we were all given the BP and 100k credits. Do not confuse getting the BP for participating in the event with it being exclusive to only those people that were able to participate in it.

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