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Void Puzzles?



Hey there!

We have encountered this room numerous times, and sometimes we can push 3 buttons, other time we can only push one button, to open a hidden room. Is there a logic on how to open every hidden room here?



This time, only one hidden room was opened.

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There's hidden rooms in there? O.o


I figured it was just a trap room designed to try and kill you lol

I thought the same thing....after seeing what the laser beam did to my friend, I was not trying to jump around on pressure plates haha

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If each member steps on each of those platforms at the same time, all doors will open.


There's also two big doors facing each other that Loki frames can get into using teleport and decoy. They're located where there are these two tar lanes with 2 lazer traps in the middle.


There's a vault area in Orokin stages that can be accessed after doing a parkour mission. The doors are timed to shut down so you have to hurry fast and get through those closing doors.

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