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[Sentinel Deployment] - Warframe From Your Phone!


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https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/52678-ideas-to-improve-resource-drop-system-in-light-of-u8/'>Partially lifted from this wonderful topic. Please give it all of your thumbs.


You see, I don't know if this is a shared sentiment, but I've really been really itching to do something Warframe-related on my phone other than periodically checking the Nexus for awesome ? Alerts I might be missing while away. To that end, I'd like to suggest/request that DE create a mini-game/social game centered around players deploying their Sentinels (together!) in adorable little cells to various systems to recover useful treats. Bear with me here, but for the sake of maintaining order in the universe, these treats would most likely be comprised of... less than stellar rewards. Ammo boxes, and pitiful, lone resource containers, most likely.


Granted... The actual quality of the loot could be better if these Sentinel missions weren't totally free. They could potentially be made to cost credits, and come with a chance of failure depending on the difficulty of the mission alongside various parameters. More on those later. A failed deployment could could also come with a slim chance of damaging your Sentinel, forcing you to pay some credits for repairs and requiring a whole day or more of time out while it undergoes repair.


So you continuously deploy your little buddies for free loot? Where is the strategy? Each Sentinel would have unique traits, alongside mini-game specific stats and skills. (Which could level up?) Potentially, players could build their Sentinels to capitalizes on strengths and mitigate weaknesses. As more Sentinels are released, DE could sell Sentinel boosters for this mini-game for some reason.


It would be especially interesting if these deployments could be coordinated with friends to increase the odds of success, and if the highest level missions were balanced in such a way that only cells of four Sentinels stood a reasonable chance of succeeding. 


Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to keep dreaming. :)

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My Dethcube just finished his first successful Kappa run. By "successful," I mean that he managed to get through it without dying. Honestly, I don't understand how since I was taking a ridiculous amount of enemy fire, but he made it. ...Obviously his new stealth-mode minigun didn't attract as much attention. The latest hotfix was secretly a huge buff.


Considering that the livestream is coming up real soon, I really hope the community asks for some details on what sort of plans DE has for their Nexus oriented mini-games so that we can prepare to... set aside time from our busy schedules to stare at our phones, thinking about Warframe whenever we're not busy playing Warframe.

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