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Options Toggle To Remove Pickup Spam, Please!


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One thing I would really love to see in Warframe is the ability to toggle on/off some of the various pickup spam messages, such as "Pistol Ammo Full" and "Affinity +100."  Simply put, I believe many of these message are utterly superfluous.  For example, if I walk over a shotgun ammo pickup and I don't see it disappear, I know that my ammo is full (or, better yet, when I'm not even sporting a shotgun... kinda a given.)


Ideally, I think this feature should be split up until three different toggles:

Disable all messages.

Disable "full" messages (full ammo, full health, etc...)

Disable ammo and globe messages.


I suggest this primarily because I often have the only thing I really care to know about, foundry pickups, get completely lost in the shuffle... be it because they never displayed, or I just didn't feel like staring at that portion of the screen for 20 seconds.


...at the very least, how about creating a separate line just for crafting mats and BPs?

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+1, I like the idea of being able to toggle it in an options menu, as I feel these indicators would be quite vital to new players trying to figure out what everything on the ground is. But yeah it's annoying to see a bunch of 'ammo full' indicators before I can finally get to the mats I just picked up.

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