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List Of Problems In This Game...


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Care to add to it? I just want to make a list so far that DE needs to work on.


Forma: Alert, Login, or Market Only. Although Login is a step in the right direction I still don't like this RNG myself.


Void Keys: Everything about this disgusts me. Putting it in that mess Defense Drop Rate (so it's pretty much impossible) buy it or have a Day 5 Reward... uhhh...


Login Rewards: I admit they've gotten better but also worse at the same time. Why do I get a Banshee BP when I can just as easily buy it from the Market? That's a Day 7 Reward? Terrible. Give me back my Daily Ammo Box.


Alert System: Everything is terrible about this thing.  The whole ? system is just... awful.


Market System: It's gotten somewhat better but I still feel like credits have become more useless because you removed damn near well everything. Also the pricings of things are absurd.


Space Potatoes: I have yet to get a free one besides from the Livestream. I'm sure there are others. You need to work a way into getting these blueprints another way.


Boss Fights: Well... it's being addressed. I mean look at Kril. Still gonna tact this on here.


Drop System / Rate: Needs an overall. I think as it stands Bosses drop only certain things instead of it being multipool. It should be multipool. Mods are completely unbalanced. Might I suggest making newer mods 10% more frequent than others. Make all mods have the same rate they can be dropped too. Unless this is currently in effect then something else is wrong lol. Also mods should be a tad more frequent as you add more. If you add more you're just making mods harder and harder to get. Everytime you add a mod you increase the drop rate of mods by 5%.


Warframe Skills: A lot of Warframes have a lot of useless skills.


Hosting Issues: Yeah the whole ping thing was a nice addition so this seems to be going the right direction so far just needs more work like selecting better hosts or mitigating fixes.


Dojo Researching: As it stands... join a Guild with 150+ or don't even bother.


Primes: The Frost Prime is no longer Exclusive. You said it was gonna be Exclusive. Excalibur Prime is just a 50 dollar reskin at this point. That's pretty damn expensive for a reskin. It's lost it's advantage (even if it wasn't good) with Forma.


I can't think of anymore... for now.

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Not to disagree with you, the game does need a lot of work, but I think you are wrong on a few things. For example Forma BPs can be acquired from void missions and Void keys are part of the day 5+ login reward pool. That being said I still think your point stands and I believe you are right about how the new mod rarity and the loot tables are all kinds of messed up.

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What they need to do is to set a benchmark, then balance everything, and stop the constant, unstable, unbalanced, unjustified nerfs.

If they are going to use Vauban as benchmark, then most if not all warframe needs buff.


A good benchmark would be the one Warframe with least mess ups. Excalibur.

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Biggest problem these days : Devs got too greedy, and were supported by too many rabid fanboys.


Lol it's funny that I been saying that since Glaive and everything I have warned the community about is slowly coming true.

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I dunno man, dat Super Jump is a bit iffy.


That's only one skill >_> at least he isn't like Rhino who only has one skill (Iron Skin) and Nyx with... well 1 great skill and 1 meh (Chaos and Mind Control). The good Warframes only have 2 or 3 Skills always lacking in one. Except maybe Vanbun? He's OP though.

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