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Life On Earth [Warframe Short Story]


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"Greetings citizens, welcome back to Solar Earth News Corporation, bringing you daily updates on Grineer Conquest. Today's shocking story- a widespread rebellion on Saturn. What could this mean for the lives of civilians all across Saturn? Furthermore, what can this mean for life in the heart of the Grineer Empire?


"Roughly fourteen hours ago (London Area Earth Time), there was an alleged terrorist attack in the capitol building of the well known Saturn space port of Anthe. The primary suspect is a Corpus-aligned crewman under the alias of Siero Tana. Speculated to be serving aboard the Corpus mining vessel, The Sceptre.


​"We now go live to Grineer Military Lieutenant Cadan Vookto. He and his squad were stationed at Anthe, not far from the attack when it happened. Fortunately he got there in time to give chase to Tana and his acquaintances, capturing one of the four and wounding another. They plan to interrogate the captured terrorist who has been confirmed to be an Ex-Grineer marine, now living as a relatively poor civilian. Vookto, do you have anything to say about the events that have passed today?"


"Today's events have shown that there are still enemies out there. While the attack today has had a big effect on the population of Anthe, and no doubt many other civilians under Grineer reign, we aren't willing to give up this easy. We urge that anybody who may have possible leads on the situation reports to the Grineer embassy in Anthe at once so we can take control of the situation and track down Tana and any who help him. In order to ensure the safety of all, we will be patrolling Saturn space for Tana. We have also placed a temporary ban on any Corpus ships from entering Grineer space ports. We hope that this situation will be remedied quickly so we can reestablish trade routes with the Corpus. Be vigilant, and report any suspicious activities or figures immediately."


"As you can see, all measures are being taken to provide safety for the citizens of the Grineer Empire. Next up - what does Corpus trading mean for us? Grineer domina-"


Earth. Once a beautiful and lush world, it now rots away. The skies, once blue, are now brown with pollution and filth. Forests, jungles, rivers and more once covered the globe...


But not anymore. Cities cover every inhabitable inch of the planet. The parts that aren't city are radioactive deserts that would kill a man within minutes. Bleak and barren, no life thrives in those deadly radioactive hotspots.


The cities are huge, dusty and incredibly polluted. A dim orange light always hangs over the landscape, casting long shadows across the ground. Dust devils constantly swirl through the streets, flinging stray garbage in every direction.


Hulking figures will occasionally be seen through the gloom, striding slowly around their domain.


The Grineer.


Their homeworld. But it wasn't always like this. Hundreds of years ago, before the Tenno disappeared, Earth was much like I described. The Orokin era.


But for now, Earth is but a shell of its former glory. Perhaps one day it will be better. But that day has not come yet. It will, though.


For the Tenno are returning.

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