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Any Reason To Keep Odd Numbered Warframe Powers?



So bear with me. Each warframe appears to have 4 polarities for their respective powers. As we know, a polarity will halve the mod space requirements for matching, and add more for non-matching.


So let's say I have 1 each of every rank of Slash Dash:

Rank 0 = 2

Rank 1 = 3

Rank 2 = 4

Rank 3 = 5


In the polarized slot:

Rank 0 = 1

Rank 1 = 2

Rank 2 = 2

Rank 3 = 3


So in this scenario, is there any reason to keep the Rank 1?

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Is there any reason to keep anything but max ranked powers?  I mean, besides with Ember's Fire Blast, which doesn't scale at all with rank, and therefore serves no purpose in ranking up.


I say yes. At the very least for the common ones. It, at the very least, enables the ability. So when you're looking to try to balance powers vs. other mods in a rank limited frame, it's helpful to keep at least one minimum one just to use the ability (say the Super Jump).


Although I agree with you. It's better to do one thing really well than a bunch of other stuff not so well. I've run a frame before with just a single ability, but stuffed with armor, shields, health, speed, etc.

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